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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorting Pivot Data

Sorting Pivot Data

Pivot tables are very flexible and it is easy to sort data.


In this example, I want to sort the Ship Via carriers in descending order.

1. Click and select the Ship Via labels in the pivot table (cells C5.H5)

2. Click on the Data Ribbon and select the descending Sort icon

You should see that the Ship Via carriers are now sorted with UPS first (see below) and note that there is a small arrow showing a descending sort order beside Ship Via in cell C4.

An alternative way to sort your data is to click the drop-down arrow beside the field in the pivot table

1. Click on the drop-down arrow beside Ship Via –(the Column Label at C4)

2. Click Sort A to Z and you will see the Products reorder themselves again.

3. Click the Undo icon so that the data is sorted in descending order again.

You can also use a custom sort that you have created however custom sorts are lost when you refresh a pivot table.

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