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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

View Multiple Worksheets in the Same Workbook


Frequently people like to look at more than one worksheet in their workbook and flipping back and forth can be bothersome.

So, if you want to view 2 or more worksheets at the same time on your computer screen all you have to do is open a second window.

Select the View Tab and then in the Window group, click New Window.
It doesn’t look like anything happens when you do this however if you look up at the title bar, you will now see a :2 after the file name to show that a second copy (window) has been made.
You can then use each window to display and edit different parts of the same workbook.

The files are mirror images of each other and any change is actually appearing in both at the same time.

Tip: Close out the :2 version first and then you will see the :1 disappear from the original. If you close out the :1 first, it is not a big deal, however you will always have that :2 after the name and then you are always wondering whatever happened to Version 1. :)


  1. Thank you -- at last I know why I have a ":4" after my file name. HOW in the world do I make that go away? since I clicked New Window, the file hides behind everything (and it's no longer in my task bar). The only way to find it now is to "switch to" it in Task Manager. How can I make this go back to one version like before?

  2. My understanding is that it is the same file and Excel thinks there are 4 versions of the file so try going to Window --> Arrange and see if multiple windows appear. If so try closing out :4,:3 and :2 versions and then resaving the worksheet.


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