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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Become an Excel VBA Master!

I wanted to tell you about Daniel Ferry's Excel Academy.
Daniel is a Microsoft Excel MVP and runs a really interesting Excel enthusiast blog.
If you have not discovered it yet, definitely check it out. It’s called Excel Hero. What makes Daniel's blog interesting is that he does all sorts of things with Excel that no one has ever seen before. Some really fun things as well as some very important and useful business things as well.

The Excel Hero Academy that he runs  has been extremely popular and is now in its fourth year. Excel Hero Academy (EHA4) opens on October 1.  This program teaches you how Excel “thinks” and how to leverage that to be drastically more productive at work. This makes you a valuable commodity in today’s competitive workforce.  You will be an expert by the time you finish it.

This 16-week course will teach you to craft proper VBA, including truly understanding and leveraging the Excel object model, modularization, functions and UDFs, classes, branching, looping, and interfacing with external applications such as Access. But this is not a theory course, it’s hands-on, applied learning focused on business solutions including extraordinary Dashboards and other methods of reporting. Heavy emphasis is on database functionality both by using Excel exclusively, and with using Excel as the front-end to a real database.

Daniel says “We will push Excel hard, seeing just what is possible without any VBA coding at all (a fun example of this is my Excel Chess Game Viewer), but then Discovering the Next Level of power and the universe of possibilities that VBA brings to the table.”

The Excel Hero Academy is extremely in depth and is video based. If you can dedicate three to four hours a week for the next four months, the course will revolutionize the way you solve business problems.


There is homework and I want to be clear -you need to have the time for this course - you just can't squeeze it in and think you can do it in ten minutes. I tried it and that does not work :(
I will also state that I personally would only recommend this for high intermediate to advanced Excel users and those having an interest in learning more about VBA. You jump right in – if you have been looking to move to the next level in Excel and VBA this is it. I will be attending this program again and hope to see you there.

Daniel is committed to continually improving the Excel Hero Academy and the results speak for themselves. Just take a moment to peruse the many dozens of student reviews on his LinkedIn Profile. Here is just one: “Daniel is an Excel genius who does extraordinary things with Excel, and uses his considerable skills to create exceptional training opportunities. ...inspiring!” – Doug Kim, Senior Editor,, Microsoft”

If you enroll in the class, you will be glad that you did. I have worked with Daniel and have secured a $50 discount for you. To learn more and enroll in the course click here

Your $50 discount code: CPASELFSTUDY.

If you sign up let me know. I always appreciate feedback particularly when I am recommending something. Daniel and I are still talking about ways to set up this course for CPE credit down the road so all comments etc. are appreciated. I also want to let you know that I do receive a small commission for anyone who signs up.

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