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Monday, May 19, 2014

Protect Your Workbook Structure

Protect Your Work

If you share workbooks with others then I am sure you have experienced someone inserting or deleting a sheet and totally messing up your work. Or, that helpful person who renames the sheets for you??

Anyway, in addition to protecting the cells in the sheet which I have covered in other blogs, today I want to talk about protecting your workbook's structure. It is easy to do and you will wish that you knew about this a long time ago.
These steps pertain to the entire workbook - not just a worksheet.

  • Click Review. 
  • Select  Protect Workbook which is located in the Changes grou.p
  • Select Structure Option in the Protect Workbook dialog box.
  • 4. Click OK.
If you right-click on a sheet name after doing these steps, you will see that you can no longer delete, insert or rename a sheet. In addition, you cannot change its color or hide or unhide the sheet.

If you select Windows, you can prevent users from changing the size or position of worksheet windows.

This tip is very useful if you are linking together several spreadsheets maintained by others.

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