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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

VLOOKUP versus INDEX MATCH! Which is Better?

VLOOKUP versus INDEX MATCH! Which is Better?

vlookup and index match

Chris Chau of asked twenty-seven (27) Excel MVPs and community experts their preference  on the ongoing controversy of VLOOKUP vs. INDEX MATCH. it is great reference material and some suggest choices they think are better than those two functions!

Click on the link to read the blog.

Check out the results. According to Chris, there was no clear winner so which do you use and prefer?   It really is liking asking who is better -Superman, or Batman!

If you want more information after reading Chris' blog, check out my course Become a Lookup Expert.  

It provides a comprehensive examination of the Lookup and Reference category in Excel. It covers the LOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions.
With VLOOKUP, you will learn how to: use Wildcards; search through multiple sheets for a match; and what to do if a match is not in the first column of your table. The course also explores HLOOKUP. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of INDEX MATCH versus VLOOKUP. It reviews the OFFSET function, which allows you to write calculations that automatically update as new data is added. With the INDIRECT function, you will learn how to find data on other worksheets sheets.  Finally, HYPERLINK is briefly discussed.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Determining Median and Mode

Determining the Median and Mode

Sometimes determining the average is not sufficient.
For example, if
 you are analyzing departmental salaries you might want to know the median or mode of the salary levels.

=Median(data range)  internally sorts the data and  then displays the middle value. If there is an even number of values, then the two values in the middle are averaged. =Median(B2:B10)

=Mode(data range) will display the value that appears most often. =MODE(B2.B10)

This from an excerpt from my Excel CPE Course, Must Know Excel Tools and Tips for CPAs.  

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