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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Setting up Ringtones for a Contact on your Iphone

Setting Up Different Ringtones on IPhone

You can  set up different ringtones, text tones and even different vibrations for specific people on your Iphone. This can be very useful if you want to be able to identify certain calls but you cannot immediately access your phone.
Here are the steps.
Tap the Contacts icon on the Home screen.
Select the person you want to assign a specific ringtone.
 Once you have their  page open, click on Edit ( in the top right hand corner). 
Scroll down to Ringtone; it should be set to “Default”. Click the arrow (chevron) to the right of  “Default” and select a new sound. 
When you select a new sound it will play it for you so that you can hear what it sounds like. If you don’t like it then try another one ringtone. That's it... 

This is very useful if you have kids  and you may also find it useful if you have a bothersome boss or employee :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hide and Seek - Column A

Unhiding a column or a columns in a worksheet is generally pretty easy.  For example, to unhide columns  C and D, simply select the  Column B header and drag across and select the Column E header (This in effect is selecting Column C and D) and then right-click and select Unhide.

Now, Column A however can be a different story since there is no column before it to select.

The easiest way to unhide Column A is to go to the Name box and type in A1 and press Enter.
Excel will move your cursor to cell A1 even though you can’t see it. 
You can then go to Format>Cells and go to Visibility>Hide and Unhide and then select Unhide Column.

I ran into a situation  yesterday where I could not get this to work. However, by selecting the entire worksheet and copying it to a new sheet all my hidden columns displayed!
To select an entire worksheet click on the  header located under the Name Box (above  row 1 and to the left of Column A)

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