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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hide and Seek - Column A

Unhiding a column or a columns in a worksheet is generally pretty easy.  For example, to unhide columns  C and D, simply select the  Column B header and drag across and select the Column E header (This in effect is selecting Column C and D) and then right-click and select Unhide.

Now, Column A however can be a different story since there is no column before it to select.

The easiest way to unhide Column A is to go to the Name box and type in A1 and press Enter.
Excel will move your cursor to cell A1 even though you can’t see it. 
You can then go to Format>Cells and go to Visibility>Hide and Unhide and then select Unhide Column.

I ran into a situation  yesterday where I could not get this to work. However, by selecting the entire worksheet and copying it to a new sheet all my hidden columns displayed!
To select an entire worksheet click on the  header located under the Name Box (above  row 1 and to the left of Column A)

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