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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excel Hero Academy- Starts August 1st!

I am still tunneling through the mountains of paperwork that resulted after a 2 week vacation however I wanted to make sure and mention Daniel Ferry's Excel Hero Academy to you all.
The  Excel Hero Academy starts on August 1st so I obviously need to tell you about it now! There is not much time left to sign up.

Daniel Ferry, an Excel MVP, runs the Excel Hero Blog and the Excel Hero Academy. If you have a chance check out his blog and this course he is offering.
I will tell you that I am only recommending advanced Excel users take a look at it - that is strictly my opinion, of course.
There is no CPE currently being offered although Daniel and I are going to talk about that and see if we can offer CPE in the future on Excel Hero Academy or some portion of it.

The content, recommendations of others and testimonials from prior students is impressive and I would recommend this course anyway however I do want to let you know that I will receive a small fee if you register for the course.
Here is the list of the 12 (very in-depth, to the point of advanced) weekly modules included in the academy (remember that each module is strongly peppered with VBA):
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Module 1: Named Formulas

Module 2: Array Formulas and Named Formulas Continued

Module 3: Charting 1

Module 4: Dashboards 1

Module 5: Database Techniques

Module 6: Advanced and Creative Formulas

Module 7: Charting 2 with Animation

Module 8: Excel and Access

Module 9: Dashboards 2

Module 10: Classes (VBA on Steroids)

Module 11: Optimization (Speeding up large/slow workbooks)

Module 12: Extreme Excel

It looks extremely interesting and I know a few of you are licking your lips over it.  I know that I am. So, check it out and even if you don't have the time to take this particular session-(there will be others), check out Daniel's blog as you may find that useful too.
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