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Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving Individual Fields (Controls & Labels) in Access 2007

Moving Individual Fields in an Access 2007 Form

Moving fields in Access used to be pretty simple - NOT ANYMORE. Microsoft has added a Control Layout feature so if you want to move controls and /or labels separately then you need to become friends with the Remove icon located on the contextual Arrange tab in the Control Layout group!  The default is that all the controls and labels move together as a unit.
Oh and make sure you are in Design View- not the new Layout View they added.

In Access 2007, if you want to move an individual field it requires an additional step as the default is for all of the fields to move together.

  • In Design view, select the control and/or label you wish to move
  • Click on the Remove icon - found on the contextual Arrange tab on the Control Layout group
  • Now you can move the individual control and/or label.

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