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Friday, August 5, 2011

More Useful Programs - DropBox and SnagIt

Below are two other programs that I have found very useful. Again, these are my personal opinions and I have no affiliation with either company and I am NOT receiving any referral fee etc. If you have found some other useful programs let me know. I would love to try them out. 

Another program that I have been using for about a year is Dropbox.  You can use drop box a couple of different ways.  I can take files on my computer and put a copy in the Dropbox application on my computer. Once the file has been put in the DropBox on your computer - they are then available to you on the web.
How cool is that?   Dropbox also says that it works with mobile devices such as the Blackberry however I have not yet tried that.

You can also upload files to and give share privileges so that others can access files.  This is a lot more useful than emailing multiple people a file or files. You can even upload a folder.
 People with share privileges can view the files, download the file or the entire folder. It is much easier to keep track of files this way - particularly if you are updating them all the time.  Also, if the files you are sending are too big to email this is an alternative. 
I really like this program because I was getting tired of sorting through my flashdrives to find a file- of course if you don't have an Internet connection then this would not be too helpful - I learned this the hard way when on my last vacation I ended up being without internet service for a few days (always have a Plan B!).
I tend to go the low cost way when looking for programs so dropbox met that criteria since it is free if you are storing 2G or less. Of course, if you want more storage than that, they have a monthly pricing structure. If this sounds interesting to you check out

I have used SnagIt for years. It is a screen capture program. You can capture an entire window or just a piece of it. You can add text and arrows if you want.You can then save the image as a file or to the clipboard.   You can get a 30 day free trial but you have to buy it after that. I have tried other screen capture programs and have always come back to this one so even though it costs about $50, I personally think it is worth it if you doing a lot of screen captures.


  1. This is amazing software, I download SnagIt 10 from here and it's very easy to use. I'll download this update too, hope there it will work better.

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