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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Introducing Our New Sister Site- Excel-Diva.Com

Check out our new site at

We had quite a few requests from Non-CPA business people for the same high quality Excel EBooks that we were selling on so we decided to create a site for them.
The quality of the Excel EBook sand the step by step instructions  are the same; however, since these courses do not need review questions, exams, certificates and state accountancy board approvals etc, we can offer them a  significantly lower price.

So, if you are a CPA and have been using our courses, you might want to consider these for some of your employees.  If you are in numbers oriented business position, you should also consider taking a look at these EBooks.  They offer step-by step instructions and most include exercise files to work through and answer files. Best of all, if you don't understand something you can email me with your questions or comments. If you are looking for a group rate, just email me at either or

We will be adding additional EBooks and videos over the next couple of weeks.

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