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Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving a Pie Slice

Hey- the holidays are starting to close in.... perhaps that explains why all my examples lately have been wine and food.
Anyway, below are the steps if you want to explode a piece of your pie chart.
Please notice how nicely the pie slices match their respective pie colors :)

In the example, above, I moved the red Apple slice.

  • Click on the Apple slice to select it
  • Be certain that you have selected the slice and not the data label in the slice!
  • Click your left mouse button
  • Slowly drag your hand to the right and you should see an outline of the slice follow it.
  • After you have moved it a little, let up on your mouse and you should see that the pie slice has moved.
If you want to explode all the pieces... the fastest way is to change the Chart Type and select the exploded pie illustration.

Well I am off to Chicago for the weekend. I am going to see Young Frankenstein- the Musical. .. yes.. that is right.hard to imagine isn't it?
I'll let you know on Monday how it was. Have a great weekend

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