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Friday, October 16, 2009

IF_Error Function

Sorry- I have just been swamped. between finding pilots to pilot my self-study CPE courses, writing Excel courses and lecturing but I want to keep this up to date.
Today, we are going to cover IF_ERROR which is a new function in Excel 2007. If you are more of a visual person - at the bottom of the blog is a video of IF_ERROR.

Cleaning up Error Messages
The good news is that Excel 2007 has made it easy to get rid of error messages with a new function called IFErrror.
The syntax for IFError is =(value,value_if_error).
In the example below, an error message was created because the customer at row 3 had 0 sales last year as compared to current year. The equation used was =(C3-B2)/B2 to determine the percentage increase from the prior year.

Tip: Anything inside quotation marks is treated as a literal. So. “ “ is interpreted as a blank space. If the function had read =IFERROR((c2-B2)/B2,”Not Applicable” then the text Not Applicable would have printed in cell D3 instead of a blank space.
Have a great weekend - fall is definitely here!

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