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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile but I will get better. Today, I wanted to talk about grouping sheets together as people start to think about budgets and forecasts for next year.

Grouping is interesting because Excel never talks about it and if you go into Help to read about Grouping it talks about Group and Outline which is a totally different feature. In other words, unless you tripped over it or someone told you about it- you probably have never heard of it.

Quite simply, it allows you to select sheets and anything that you type, format etc on one sheet is automatically replicated on other sheets. It is a great timesaver.

Grouping Sheets
Getting ready to create budgets for 10 departments? Don’t create a budget and then copy it 10 times – instead use grouping. Not only is it faster- it also ensures all your original formatting is retained. Other uses for grouping include printing. Perhaps you want to print Sheet 2, 5 and 6 – the easy way to print them all at once is to group the sheets and then select print. Another use for Grouping is to apply headers and footers to all your sheets at the same time.

Methods for Efficiently Updating/Moving Data Grouping Sheets
Grouping sheets allows you eliminate the need of copying cells in a worksheet to another and then reformatting. Data entered into a group of worksheets is actually placed into each of the worksheets. Any formatting is also included. This feature is particularly useful if you need to have similar worksheets set up in the same format.

To group sheets adjacent sheets:
1. Select the first sheet.
2. Press Shift and hold it down.
3. Click on the last contiguous sheet in the group.
The title bar now shows the word Group after the book name and that all the sheets in the group are active.

Anything that you type on one of the group sheets will automatically be copied simultaneously onto all of the sheets in the selected group including formatting techniques such as changing column widths. Remember to ungroup the sheets when finished so that you can individualize them.

--Use the CTRL key if you are selecting non-adjacent sheets

Deselect Tab
To deselect an individual worksheet, press CTRL + the specific tab.

To ungroup the sheets, select a worksheet tab that was not in the group. You can also right-click and select Ungroup.

Have fun and remember you can ungroup them- make changes and then group them again.

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