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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Range Names at Worksheet Level

Range Names at Worksheet Level

I was putting together some information on range names and realized that when I posted my information on range names (under Basic Tips) that I neglected to mention a new feature in Excel 2007.
If you create a range name using the Name Manager icon, you can specify if the range name should be at the workbook scope (this is the default) or you can specify a specific sheet for that range name to be used on. In other words, in Excel 2007, you can actually use a range name more than once as long as it is at sheet level. If you do create a range name at the sheet level, it is only recognized on that particular sheet.

Click on the Formula Ribbon and then go to Name Manager and click New...
Type in a range name and then click the drop-down arrow beside Scope if you want it to be sheet specific. As I mentioned earlier, the default is workbook level.

In all other versions of Excel, you can only use a range name once in a workbook.

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