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Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Input Data Table

Two Input Data Tables

It's Monday already and what a gorgeous fall day it is too - only problem is that it is still August! Autumn is my favorite season but I think it is a bit too early this year. I had a great weekend - spent quite a bit of it shopping which is always fun although I got to spend a fair amount of time outdoors. I even made it to the movies with my daughter to see Bandslam.
Anyway, last week I talked about 1 input data tables and told you that I would talk about 2 input data tables this week. The example I am using is a loan example since this is the most common use but tomorrow I'll give you some ideas of what else you can do with this.
Data Table- Two Inputs
In the example below, we are testing the effects of different interest rates and the investment amount so we are using both a row and a column input.

The row input is years and the column input is the interest rate. An input cell is one in which each input value from a data table is substituted.

Click in cell D6 and type: =B14.
Select the cell range D6:H12
Click the Data tab on the Ribbon.
Click the What-if Analysis button on the Data Ribbon and click Data Table from the menu.
Click in the Row Input Box and type: B10
Click in the Column Input Box and type: B8 as shown
Click OK

and Voila- you get the following:

Give it a shot and see what you think.

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