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Friday, February 10, 2017

Iphone 7 Delete All Solution

Finally - A solution -How to Delete ALL Emails on My Iphone 7.

I finally found a solution to deleting all the emails in my InBox at once. Why oh why did Apple get rid of the Delete All option?  It definitely needs to be added back.

I found the answer on this site  and it was very easy to do once you know the trick.

1. Go to your Inbox and click Edit.
2. Select a single email.
3. Press and hold down  the Move button at the bottom of the screen and then uncheck the email you selected.
4. A page will pop up and you can select if all the emails should go to Trash or Junk.
5. Make your selection and all your emails disappear!
You may have to hold the Move button for a good couple of seconds, depending upon on how mail you have. 
If you don't see the page, it may just automatically got to Trash.I have had that happen a couple of times.

Make sure that you really want to delete everything in your Inbox before you do this. 
Don't forget that this just deleted them from your inbox- you still need to clean out your trash folder at some point.

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