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Friday, March 6, 2015

Workbooks - Protection and Encryption

How to password protect and encrypt an Excel workbook

How many passwords do you have? The answer is probably too many. 
Unfortunately, that is the way things are going and you probably need to start considering password protecting  some of your Excel files too. Be careful though - there is no HelpDesk to call if you forget the password!

Below is a guest post from Joe Helstrom on protecting a workbook.
To ensure that unauthorized users do not access a workbook, a workbook can be password protected. Without the password, users cannot access the worksheets within the workbook. It is an effective control as long as the password is limited only to those users with authorized access, is properly safeguarded and is not shared with anyone else. A password is not very effective if it’s on a sticky note attached to your computer monitor.  However, I am sure that none of you do that.

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