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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pick From A List

If you are constantly typing something such as a list of employee names or a list of cost center codes consider using the Pick From Drop-Down List. It is very easy to use.

Type your data. In the example below, I typed a series of names...

When I wanted to repeat one that I had previously typed, all I had to do was right-click and select Pick From Drop-Down List. The Drop-Down List displays all the names that I had typed above.
Excel then displays the list of names I had previously typed in alphabetical order. Now I can just click on the one I want and Excel will enter it for me. So, it saves a bit of typing.
And no, I'm sorry- I know what you are thinking  but unfortunately it only works with text.
Data Validation, another feature in Excel, also allows you create a list and is a bit more flexible although this Pick From Drop-Down list is a bit quicker.

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