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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Round and Rounds She Goes....

Guess how many rounding functions Excel offers............
Did you guess 10? If so, you are correct..there are at least 10.

ROUND(), ROUNDUP() and ROUNDDOWN() all round a number to the specified number of digits, either up or down depending upon the function selected. = Round() rounds up if the digit is equal to 5 or higher and rounds down if less than 5. ROUNDUP() always rounds up and I'm sure you have already guessed what ROUNDDOWN() does.
MROUND() is similar to ROUND() only it rounds to the specified multiple instead of the specified number of digits.

FLOOR() and CEILING() round to the nearest multiple. They are similar to ROUNDUP() and ROUNDDOWN() only instead of rounding to the specified number of digits, they round to the nearest multiple. You generally see FLOOR and CEILING being used in conjunction with currency- to round prices up or down.

EVEN() and ODD() round to the nearest even or odd integer.
INT() rounds down to the next lowest integer.
TRUNC() is similar to ROUNDDOWN () but rather then rounding to a specific number of digits, it simply cuts off the specified number of digits.

Below is a spreadsheet showing the results of these different rounding functions:

Click on the spreadsheet to make it larger and easier to see or to access the spreadsheet itself,  click here

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