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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Excel Budget Tip

I just redid my budget for 2011 and thought you might find this tip useful. If you have a great spreadsheet all set up, naturally you want to use it again. I mean, why recreate the wheel?

What you can do is have Excel select all the non-formula numbers in the spreadsheet and then you can delete them. This leaves all the formulas and text in place and all that is left are the input cells where you want to enter numbers.

Click on the Find and Select Icon ( or press F5)
Click on Go To Special....
Put a checkmark in Constants
Leave the checkmark in Numbers and uncheck anything else
Click OK

Excel will then select all the cells in the spreadsheet that are just input cells (cells with just numbers - no formulas)

Press Delete

Presto! A clean spreadsheet to start the new year with.

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