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Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Excel CPE Course

Sorry- I just realized that I told a lot of different people about the free Excel CPE  we are offering at but I forgot to blog about it here!  I know, I couldn't believe I did that either!

Anway, we are offering a FREE... totally FREE... 1 hour Excel CPE course. Everyone always seems to be short that one odd hour.

The course is entitled, "Audit and Analytical Uses for Excel 2007 Filters and Tables. It is a brief overview course that focuses on Filtering data, Conditional Formatting and using Tables. It also briefly touches on Pivot Tables. So far, the reviews have been good. So, if you are a CPA needing CPE credit and want to learn something that you can immediately start using in your job, definitely check it out.
And of course, feel free to tell your friends and associates about it.
The link to the course is

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  1. Awesome post!

    I'm glad you remembered to post it here and now I know that there is a free Excel CPE! This information is great!

    Thanks for posting!


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