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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pin Your Spreadsheet


I actually got this tip idea from Francis Hays, "The Excel Addict" but I really liked it so I thought I would share it.  I learned how to pin my files awhile ago and of course promptly forgot it since I did not use it. (Let that be a lesson to you.)

Anyway, I have a couple of spreadsheets that I open almost on a daily basis so usually I can just go to File>Open or look in Recent Documents and easily find them. Sometimes, though I have opened a lot of other files that day and of course, then I have to go search for these files- which can be a pain.
What you can do is PIN the file and although it will move down the most recently used list, it will not disappear until you unpin it.

  • Click on the Quick Office Button.

  • Click on the gray pin (located to the right of the file name)

  • The pin will turn green to indicate that the file is 'pinned' to the list.
    Click on it again and it will turn back to gray and be unpinned. 
    How easy is that? Now that I have been reminded of this trick, I plan to use it.
    Have a great weekend.


    1. Why do all of my pinned spreadsheets become unpinned?

    2. Have not run into it myself but I have seen a couple of mentions on the web about it. What version of Excel are you using and what operating system are you using? Does it work for your other office apps?
      You may want to try this thread and see if these solutions help you.


    Ms. Excel- Resident Excel Geek