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Friday, April 2, 2010

Copying Pivot Tables

Saving yourself some time with pivot tables.
If you have been creating all your pivot tables from scratch each time - this trick will save you some time.

Suppose you have created a pivot table showing your Top 10 Products and you also want to create a Bottom 10.  No point in starting all over - just copy it.Look at all the time that saves plus you have the same formatting.  This is particularly useful if you are setting up a dashboard.

1. Select the pivot table
2. Copy the pivot table and place it beside the original pivot table
3. Right-click on an item (or product in this example) in the pivot table
4. Select Filter
5. Select Top 10
6. Click the drop-down arrow beside Top and select Bottom
7. Click OK
8. Replace Top Products with Bottom 10 Products by typing over it.

How easy was that?

Have a Wonderful Easter.

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