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Friday, March 5, 2010

Synching Outlook and Google Calendars

Synching Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar

Sometimes I just take things for granted and assume everyone has the same technology knowledge- but in case you don't- you might be interested in this.

My new Palm Pre (which alas I had to return due to too many dropped calls and a design issue) did not work with Outlook. What to do?

Did you know that you can synch your Outlook calendar to the Google calendar and have them automatically synch as often as you wish and whichever direction.

The cool thing about Google Calendars is that you can share them with others and color code for each user. Google will also send you an email each day outlining your calendar for the day.
Palm believes in cloud technology which is why the Pixi and the Pre don't have to be manually synched on your computer anymore. I'm not sure Palm is going to make it - which is too bad- as I love their phones- but I think their technology direction is the way everything is heading.

Personally, I still like to use Outlook as it is more than just a calendar to me but I thought some of you might be interested.  For more information on this click here.

Have a great weekend. It is getting up to 55 degrees this weekend.  Yee- ha... maybe all the snow will finally melt.

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