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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Custom Formats


Wow... I am on a roll here........

Another useful format that some people just love is #,####,

This format takes a longer number and essentially truncates it for you so that you do not see the thousands. Excel still reads it as the longer number but you don't see it- even if I do calculations unless you re-format it.

Column A shows the actual number but when copied that number into Column B and then applied the custom format #,####, it redisplayed the shortened number. So, if you don't like dealing with a lot of extraneous zeroes, take a look at this format. Although you can change the display units in a chart itself, this is another way to show simpler units on a chart you are presenting.

  • Right-click on the cell(s)
  • Select Format Cells
  • Under Category, select Custom Formats
  • Enter #,####, in the Type
  • Click OK

The # tells Excel it is a number - don't forget that last comma... that's important as that is telling Excel that there are additional numbers after that but not to display them.

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