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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Chart Using REPT Function


I have a friend who likes to create quick charts using the REPT() function. - I thought you might be interested. The REPT() function as you may have guessed, repeats what it finds.

In the example, above I created a quick sales chart by telling Excel to use an asterisk and to repeat that asterik as many times as whatever number was in cell B2, which in this case was 50.

I have Salespeople in Column A and their respective sales in Column B.
In C2, I typed =REPT("*",B2)

This is telling Excel to place in asterisk in cell C2 50 times. Then I copied it down. That's it!
Since I told Excel to use an asterisk, I needed to put quotation marks around it since it is text.
Below is another one that I created, using asterisks and different letters of the alphabet. It's amazing what you can do with a little free time :)

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes
to Everyone Over the Coming Holidays and New Year.
I am heading off for vacation and hoping for snow in Vermont!
Talk to you in 2010.

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